7th French International Symposium
on CAR T Cells (CAR T Day)

September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2023

Dr. Suman Mitra

Suman Mitra

Suman MITRA is a Principal research Investigator (INSERM) at the ONCOLille, CANTHER-UMR-9020-CNRS-1277- INSERM, University of Lille. France. Dr. Mitra graduated from the University of Aberdeen, the UK in 2011. Later, he did his postdoctoral training at the laboratory of Warren J. Leonard at the National Institutes of Health to decipher novel insight into gamma-chain (gc) cytokine mediated gene regulation by exploring cytokine-induced genome-wide transcriptional and chromatin interactions studies. During his extended postdoctoral training at the Warren Leonard’s lab, he has worked in close collaboration with Prof. Christopher Garcia’s lab to develop new approaches to fine-tune cytokine signaling to improve their therapeutic efficacy. After spending two years at the Research & Development unit of AstraZeneca, Sweden, Suman joined Prof. Bruno Quesnel’s Inserm research team at the University of Lille as an INSERM research investigator. Dr. Mitra’s research group focuses on understanding and exploiting gc activity using genomics and protein engineering technologies to manipulate their activity in the treatment of cancer.