7th French International Symposium
on CAR T Cells (CAR T Day)

September 6th, 7th and 8th, 2023

You can download the latest version of the program here

Wednesday September 6th, 2023

08:00 – Welcome and registration

09:45 – Introduction

Frédéric Boiron, General Director of Lille University Hospital TBC
Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha and Suman Mitra

Engineering the next-generation of CAR T-cells

Chairs: Ignacio Moraga (Dundee, Scotland) & chair(s) (city, country)

10:00 – Fighting fire with fire: Boosting T cell-based immunotherapies by mitochondrial transfer

Luca Gattinoni (Regensburg, Germany)

10:25 – What studying neoantigen-specific TIL can teach as about human antitumor immunity

Sri Krishna (Bethesda, USA)

10:50 – Advancing Cancer Treatment through System and Synthetic Immunology: Exploring Novel Approaches in CAR T-Cell Engineering

Rocio Castellanos-Rueda (Zurich, Switzerland)

11:15 – Systematic identification of targets for advanced T-cell therapy using genome-scale CRISPR screens

Laurie Menger (Paris, France)

11:40 – Biomarkers to inform CAR-T therapies

Joseph Melenhorst (Cleveland, USA)

12:00 – Coffee break

12:30 – 13:15

Keynote lecture: Unraveling the Mechanisms Driving CAR T Cells and Their Therapeutic Implications

Chair(s): Alexis Cortot (Lille, France), Mattias Carlsten (Stockholm, Sweden)

Marcela Maus (USA)

13:15 – Lunch break


Special lecture : Pioneering the In Vivo Cell Engineering Approaches for cancer treatments

Chairs : Suman Mitra (Lille, France) & Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Lille, France)

Gill SAAR (Philadelphia, USA)

CAR-T cells therapies in Follicular Lymphoma (Symposium Novartis)

Chair: Roch Houot (Rennes, France)

15:00 – CAR-T in follicular lymphoma: present and future

Gabriel Brisou (Marseille, France)

15:30 -Enhancing the identification of patients and referral timing for CAR T cell-therapy in Relapsed/Refractory follicular lymphoma

Roch Houot (Rennes, France)

16:00 – Coffee break

Session LYSA

Chair(s) : Gandhi Damaj (Caen, France) & Noël Milpied (Bordeaux, France)

16:30 – ALYCANTE: Clinical results

Rock Houot (Rennes, France)

16:50 – ALYCANTE: CtDNA and PET scan

Marie-Hélène Delfau (Créteil, France)

17:10 – Blood transfusion in CAR T-cell therapy for lymphomas

Samuel vic (Rennes, France)

17:30 –  Closing remarks

Thursday September 7th, 2023

08:30 – Welcome and registration

Session IFM

Chairs : Thierry Facon (Lille, France) & Philippe Moreau (Nantes, France)

09:00 – CAR T cells in MM from clinical studies to real life: Where are we ?

Xavier Leleu (Poitiers, France)

09:20 – Relapse after anti BCMA CAR T cells: Outcome and mechanisms of resistance

Bertrand Arnulf (Paris, France)

09:40 – co-receptors in the contexte of CD226 et CD137

Ludovic Martinet (Toulouse, France)

10:00 – Coffee break

10:20 – Group photo

CAR-T cells between past & future (BMS symposium)

Chair : Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Lille, France)

10:30 –  First steps

Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Lille, France)

10:50 – What next?

Christian Chabannon (Marseille, France)

11:10 – Q&A round table

11:30 – 12:15

Keynote lecture: New insights into fine-tuning the actions of gc family cytokines

Chairs : Erwan Mortier (Nantes, France) & Suman Mitra (Lille, France)

Warren J. Leonard (Bethesda, USA)

12:15 – Lunch

Session SFGM-TC: CAR T-cell toxicity and patient’s management

Chairs : Stéphanie Nguyen (Paris), Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Lille, France)

13:00 – Infectious challenges and prophylactic strategies in CAR T cell therapy

Stephan Mielke (Stockholm, Sweden)

13:20 – Immune effector hematotoxicity : European Guidelines

Marion Subklewe (München, Germany)

13:40 – Place of Anakinra in CRS/ICANS

Nicolas Gazeau (Lille, France)

14:00 – Myeloid neoplasms following CAR T for lymphoid malignancies

Micha Srour (Lille, France)

14:20 – Coffee break

Session CAR T beyond Leukemia and Lymphoma

Chairs: Geoffrey Guittard (Marseille, France) & Arnaud Scherpereel (Lille, France)

14:40 – B-cell Engineering

Michel Cogné (Rennes, France)

15:00 – CAR monocytes for cancer immunotherapy

Jean-Luc Perfettini (city, France)

15:20 – Personalized T-cell therapies for solid cancers

Alena Gros (Barcelona, Spain)

15:40 – Universal CAR-MAIT cells, a promising approach in solid tumors

Sophie Caillat-Zucman (Paris, France)

16:00 – Addressing the Tumor Microenvironment to enhance the efficacy of CART cell therapy in solid tumors

Juan José Lasarte (Pamplona, Navarra, Spain)

16:20 – Coffee break

Modulating the Tumor Microenvironment

Chairs : Christelle Harly (Nantes, France) & Emmanuel Donnadieu (Paris, France)

16:50 – Stemness and Maintenance of Treg lineage.

Rahul Roychoudhuri (Cambridge, UK)

17:10 – Lymphoma Microenvironment

Karin Tarte (Rennes, France)

17:30 – Metabolic barriers to cancer immunotherapy

Greg Delgoffe (Pittsburg, USA)

17:50 – A novel approach to mitigate on-target off-tumor toxicity of CAR-T cells in the treatment of solid cancer

Robert Eil (Oregon, USA)

18:10 – Closing remarks

20:00 – Gala dinner

Friday September 8th, 2023

08:30 – Welcome and registration

Session GRAALL & SFCE :

Chairs: Nicolas Boissel (Paris, France) & André Baruchel (Paris, France)

9:00 – New CAR T-cell development in T-ALL

Paul Maciocia (London, UK)

9:20 – GD2-CART01 for Relapsed or Refractory High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Concetta Quintarelli (Roma, Italie) TBC

9:40 – Is there a best bridging before CAR T-cell therapy in b-ALL ?

André Baruchel (Paris, France)

Round table : point-of-care production

Chairs : Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Lille, France), Olivier Boyer (Rouen, France)

10:00 – Centralized production versus point-of-care production

Chrystel Marton (Lille, France)

10:10 – Difficulties and challenge for point-of-care production

Arnon Nagler (Tel Aviv, Israel)

10:20 – The CARAMBA project : an exemple of European collaboration

Halvard Bönig (Frankfurt, Germany)

10:30 – Academic vector production

Ulrike koehl (Liebzig, Germany)

10:40 – Round table

Halvard Bönig (Frankfurt, Germany), Olivier Boyer (Rouen, France), Jérôme Larghero (Paris, France), Camille Giverne (Rouen, France), Christophe Ferrand (Besançon, France), Ulrike koehl (Liebzig, Germany), Arnon Nagler (Tel Aviv, Israel), Chrystel Marton (Lille, France).

11:00 – Coffee break

New insights in the field of CAR T-cell therapy

Chairs: Louis Terriou (Lille, France) & Dominique Farge-Bancel (Paris, France)

11:30 – Incorporating radiation with Car T-cell therapy

Omran Saifi (Florida, USA)

11:50 – Boosting antitumoral T cell responses with the epichaperome inhibitor PU-H71 : perspectives for CAR T cell and other cellular immunotherapies

Monica Guzman (NY, USA)

12:10 – Infections and CAR T

David Beauvais (Lille, France)

12:30 – CAR-T cell therapy for Lupus

Georg Schett (city, Germany)

13:00 -Lunch break

SFI & CITC session : Harnessing immune signaling for innovative cell therapy

Chairs : Laurence Bataille (Paris, France) & Jacques Nunès (Marseille, France)

14:00 – Integrated approaches to dissect signaling in T cells

Romain Roncagalli (Marseille, France)

14:20 – Can we learn about CAR T cells by studying immune synapse formation ?

Claire Hivroz (Paris, France)

14:40 – Deciphering metabolic regulation in lymphocytes to improve future cell therapies

Antoine Marçais (Lyon, France)

15:00 – End of the meeting and conclusions

Suman Mitra & Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha